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Jeffrey the Jordan Peterson Fan and Men Who Get Offended When You Point Out How Offensive They Are

Updated: Jan 23, 2023

Have you ever been contacted by some rando on social media and you don't even know how they found you? My personal accounts are set to private, but I guess there is some "friend of a friend" process. Anyway, these weirdos find me, and I'm sure they find you, too, my Sacred Sisters.

Jeffrey is one of those weirdos. He must know someone I know, since I did accept his "friend" request on Facebook. Now my fellow Queens, I have given up the hunt. I deleted all my dating apps and I am not out here looking for a King That Doesn't Exist in Nature. I'm living my best Goddess life and minding my own damn business. But these men come crawling out of their dark hiding places and fancy themselves having a go at me. Imagine the hubris. They obviously do not know who TF I am, or they would not dare.

Jeffrey reached out to me on Facebook messenger. I was not sure what this was about (though I had my suspicions because they are SO UNORIGINAL), but hell I'm not an asshole, so I was courteous and responded. Thus ensued the getting to know you questions and the humble bragging (yaaaaaawnnnn) and meanwhile I'm looking for the exit sign.

My search for a way out cranked up a notch when Jeffery, in his ignorant culturally programmed misogyny, boldly sent me an Instagram post by Jordan Peterson. Now I'm an opinionated Queen and since Jeffrey thought it was okay to send me some buuuushittt like that, I figured it was okay to let him know my opinion of Jordan Peterson. Did Jeffery take pause and consider the error of his ways? Jeffrey did not. Jeffrey doubled down on his defensive moves, dodging and weaving so as to avoid admitting his toxic masculinity.

A few days went by after this little scuffle, and I thought I was in the clear. But Jeffrey is a slow learner apparently, and an arrogant one, and he came back for more. Jeffrey had decided to pour on what I can only assume he thought was charm. He invited me to a FaceTime call with him, he wanted to see my face, he thought I was "kinda cute" and "obviously smart!" Punctuating this paragraph with "that's sexy!" 🙄

I threw up a little in my mouth, right before his Grande Finale:

"Only one more thing to check off the list 1) smart✅ 2) beautiful✅ 3) cute butt??"

Excuse me, but why are we talking about my body parts??

I want you to guess what Jeffrey said next. Come on sisters, I KNOW you know this one! It's EASY....

"I was just joking."

Nope. Sorry mister. Homie don't play that. I am a Queen, and in my Kingdom we follow the Rule of Accountability. Again, not short on opinions, I gave Jeffrey another one, and fo' free.

"I know that social conditioning has created the belief that it's okay for men to sexualize women they don't even know. But it actually isn't okay. It feels disrespectful and gross, and I respect myself too much to keep ignoring it every time it happens. I have treated you with honor and respect, and I require the same in return."

Now that is a well-worded boundary if I do say so myself. Did Jeffery consider what it must be like to be a woman on the receiving end of this steaming hot garbage men keep serving?? Jeffrey did not. Jeffrey sent me back a longgggggg paragraph which frankly I didn't have the energy to read fully (lol), but I did pick up on the sentence "I do not agree that I was sexualizing you" which seemed to be packaged in a bunch of hurt feefees, which is all I needed to see. Zero accountability. Just offended that I had pointed out how offensive he was.

My Queens, we owe it to ourselves - and each other - not to tolerate these behaviors from men. They have been getting away with this debasing childishness for centuries, and WE DESERVE BETTER. If my King That Doesn't Exist in Nature someday arrives at my door and treats me with the admiration, honor, and respect that I deserve, he may cherish my cute ass every day until death do us part. But this internet rando who doesn't even know my middle name can POUND SAND cuz we are Not. Having. Any of it.

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